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As your organization navigates the pivotal journey of expansion and evolution, mastering the complexities of a diverse and global workforce is paramount. ALTO stands as your indispensable partner in this endeavor, dedicated to streamlining and enhancing your growth trajectory with a suite of holistic people management solutions:


Clapping Audience


Strategic Leadership Sessions: ALTO excels in conducting strategic sessions that coalesce your leadership team around a unified vision and strategy. By tapping into each member's unique insights and perspectives for superior decision-making, we clarify team objectives, foster stakeholder collaboration, and drive impactful outcomes and value creation

Executive coaching: designed to empower start-ups C-Suite and founders to navigate the complexities of today's business landscape. Our executive coaching program is tailored to drive transformational change, enhancing leadership capabilities for enduring impact and value creation. Through personalized coaching sessions, leaders are equipped to refine their strategic vision, enhance decision-making skills, and foster a culture of innovation and inclusivity within their organizations


Compensation Philosophy

We assist in developing a clear and comprehensive compensation philosophy that outlines how and why your organization values its workforce. Our experts work closely with your team to establish a robust compensation framework that supports your compensation philosophy. This framework includes detailed guidelines for salary bands, bonus structures, equity options, and other benefits, tailored to meet the needs of a diverse and dynamic workforce. Recognizing the importance of governance in compensation strategy, ALTO offers specialized services in creating proposals for the establishment of a Board Compensation Committee.


Creating an HR Department: Recognizing the optimal moment to form a dedicated HR team is essential. While this milestone often aligns with a startup's expansion to about 40 employees, our services adapt to your unique trajectory. We provide outsourcing options for HR functions—including policy creation, recruiting, and training—to significantly alleviate the workload for founders. Ensuring compliance with laws and regulations is paramount to avoid legal complications, and HR plays a vital role in enhancing employee well-being, fostering an inclusive work environment, and preparing your company for sustainable growth.

HR Software Solutions: Efficiently organizing and managing HR procedures, policies, and employee records is critical for maintaining compliance and operational efficiency. We offer recommendations and implementation support for HR software that securely manages your documents and keeps you informed of crucial deadlines, such as visa expirations.

Business Meeting


Global Talent Acquisition: Our expertise in seamless recruitment and onboarding processes is essential for attracting and seamlessly integrating top talent into your organization. ALTO ensures your team is not only skilled but fully aligned with your company's culture and long-term objectives.

At ALTO, our global reach and specialized expertise in talent acquisition extend across LATAM, the US, and Europe, positioning us as a strategic partner for companies in the tech, biotech, and pharma industries.

Culture Development: Recognizing the profound impact of organizational culture on growth, ALTO offers specialized services in culture development. We work closely with your leadership to cultivate a culture that reflects your core values, enhances employee engagement, and fosters a sense of belonging and purpose. Our approach ensures your culture evolves in alignment with your strategic goals, becoming a powerful driver of innovation and performance.


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