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 Global HR for organizations scaling up: 
Global remote talent acquisition
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Pushing the boundaries for global remote work

We recruit candidates for global remote work so:

∝ Companies can access a bigger skilled talent pool 

∝ DEI strategies are leveraged by recruiting by merit 

∝ In less crowded markets, the employer gets a cost-effective solution

∝ No visa or relocation is needed

∝ No need to open a legal entity overseas or deal with countless paperwork. Frictionless process.

Which positions are good candidates for global work?

 Software engineers, data scientists, program managers, designers, marketing, accountants, IT, administrators.

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Clapping Audience


We work with global citizens, so local-cultural biases aren't part of the decision-making.

We work towards increasing psychological safety so everyone -majorities and minorities feel included .

-This statement is beyond regulation, data, and statistics-

This is a list  of minorities we are seeing today but don't get stuck on these since these will evolve in others currently uncertain:


  • Age and generation

  • Gender and sexual identity

  • Race and ethnicity

  • Spiritual believes & religion

  • Physical abilities and health issues

  • Socioeconomic opportunities

  • Life experience: Militar, marital status

  • Affiliation or unionized status


Since 2013 we recruit candidates globally using a remote recruiting methodology.

We recruit candidates in the technology and life sciences industries. 


Are you a candidate looking for the next job?

We recommend not sending your resume if there is not a specific position you are applying to. It will probably be lost or become outdated soon.

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Business Meeting


Working with the C-Suite or founder at fast-paced, dynamic start-ups we audit and improve the company's human resources processes and procedures. 

Early Stage:

-Talent acquisition

-Develop Compensation &Benefits

-Employee Handbook & Compliance

-Culture and Values

-Act as Head of HR


Developing HR:

-Setting the infrastructure/systems to grow

-Learning and Development

-Cash Compensation/Equity Structure

-Performance Management

-Hire & train HR people


Refining HR:

-Build HR Dashboard

-Conduct HR Compliance Audit

-Introduce Talent Management

-Launch Employee Engagement


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